Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yesterday I didn't find 30 seconds to pick up the stack of napkins Andy dumped on the floor at breakfast until dinnertime, so for those of you wondering if I mopped yesterday: No, I did not. Neither did I mop today.

Ever since the sun came out after winter, I've been asking myself the same question: How am I supposed to take care of my yard, my house, AND my children? I'm not sure I'm doing a passable job on the first two.

It's not always such a whirlwind. I have days where the floor gets mopped. It hasn't happened yet, but I have faith that someday I will find time to pull the weeds from between the paving stones in the backyard. The problem right now is that I'm working on some writing projects with impending deadlines AND Andy has been sick, so he's needing a lot of mom time. Combine those two factors with the usual appointments and entertainments and you end up with napkins on your floor all day.

Once my friend said I impressed her. She said we do all the same things: clean, cook, do laundry, play with kids, etc., but then I do freelance writing projects (few though they are) on top of all that. Lately I've been dwelling on the explanation for that riddle: Her house is way cleaner and her yard is much tidier than mine.

I'm trying to remind myself to give myself credit for the things I DO accomplish, but more on that later. For now, with my boys finally sleeping, the deadlines are calling.


  1. Well, you know it is a competition about who can be perfect, right? You better keep up. He, he. :-)

    But really, you are awesome. I say just embrace the things you REALLY want to do/need to do and do them well, the other stuff is just details. If people want to judge you, tell them to come mow your lawn.

    I have had cereal on the kitchen floor the whole day. Lucky the ants haven't invaded, yet. The floor is lucky to be swept . . . mopping is a once a week thing. Maybe.

  2. So I only have 1 kid and as far as I have determined, you can:
    -Raise Children
    -Have a clean house

    Pick 2.5.