Friday, October 4, 2013

Things I said to my husband in one recent 24-hour period:

-"I'm combining the boys' sock drawers so we have an extra drawer when Andy needs more room for his clothes."

-"I'm wearing pearls with my moccasins. That's okay, right?"

-"+Jonah looks good in grey, doesn't he?"

-"I left a dirty diaper in the back of the car. Remind me to get it."

-"I'm so tired."

This is our life together. I mean, I'm sure that day I said things more interesting than those, too-- like commentary about current events or thoughts on a book I'm reading or reports of funny stories I heard from friends--but really, a lot of what I say is very, very boring. And you know what's nice? +Seth loves me enough to look somewhat interested in all those uninteresting things. I'm not trying to brag. I just want to note that that's part of what love is. It's building a regular old life together. And it's nice.


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  2. This is very true and continues with variety of topics for years. You are lucky to have Seth and share a life.
    I was away from Satu for Priesthood meeting and travel for close to 3 hours tonight and it is probably the longest we have been separated since we moved on July 31. I sat in there in the meeting, loving what I was hearing and longing to be with my wife again. Life. Together. Love.

  3. "Regular old life" is the best kind of life. :-)