Monday, March 11, 2013

Brain. Work with me, here.

Something alarming has been going on since Christmas. While I was visiting my parents' home, I was exposed to a picture of my little brother from his kindergarten days that was on display in the kitchen.That picture has invaded my brain and won't surrender.

The main problem is that Matthew has the same color hair that my 2-year-old son Jonah has. It's a beautiful color -- a pale blonde, like the silk from an ear of corn. But now when I try to picture Jonah, the hair first pops into my head, and instead of proceeding to my toddler's face, the circuitry in my brain now supplies my little brother's face. IT'S NOT THE SAME FACE.

This makes me uneasy. I feel like a mom should always have her child's face at her mind's fingertips. But there are some things that are just broken in my brain.

For example, I will never remember what "erudite" means. "Botulism" will always just translate to "scary and creepy disease" and nothing more, no matter how many times my friend Shannon explains it to me. People named Heather will half the time be called Rachel, and Mikes will often be thought of as Chris. I will always assume people know I'm including shrimp and clams when I tell them I don't like fish.

Oh well. If I'm going to forget my son's face, there are worse faces I could be substituting.


  1. Yeah, it's a whole lot better than this:

    1. I KNEW it was going to be that face. Also better than the guy who looks like a thumb.

  2. I was with you to the very end. Way with you. Emulate you. I have such trouble with men's names that start with K. Can never remember the name Keith for example. Ah well.

    Why did I split at the end? I'm wondering if your statement about worse faces and an image of the two you are discussing is pointing to Sweet WestD as the worse face?!

    Love you and all of your erudite foibles. (Safe in throwing that in there because neither of us knows what it means.) Love that you are blogging again!!